Vocal and instrumental group

Bajka Bend

Bajka B(r)and was  founded in 2005. Believe it or not, quite by accident. smile We gathered to play and sing for our souls, but also for all those who were coming to our gigs. Since the reviews that were coming were positive, we decided to expand the whole story of our performing by adding new members. In the beginning there were four of us, then five, then seven. . . Bajka Band gets its final version, which has six members, in 2008.
Bajka Bend na Kalemegdanu It`s about time we introduce ourselves: Lana Zdravkovic - vocals, Aleksandar Covic - vocals, Branislav Zdravkovic - keyboards, Aleksandar Stanojevic- guitar, Nenad Knezevic - bass guitar, and Milos Jokic - drums. All the members have been professionally engaged in music for over ten years and that`s why Bajka B(r)and is the combination of knowledge and great experience. One of the common goals of Bajka B(r)and is to really become a brand without the brackets around the letter "r"! smile Bajka Bend na Kalemegdanu
Behind us there are many performances, great gigs and new acquaintances with people who have engaged us for their parties, celebrations, weddings...  And in front of us... the whole world! smile Full of enthusiasm and positive energy, we started writing our fairy tale. This cheerful six-member band develops its ideals and enjoys doing its job - the music they play every day.
Bajka Bend na Kalemegdanu We want you to have fun while you are on our site, just as we had fun while creating it with the help of a professional team. Enjoy! Bajka Bend na Kalemegdanu